Glider Pilots in Germany

24 March 1945

441st Troop Carrier Group

99th Troop Carrier Squadron

After landing at LZ-N, these glider pilots of the 99th Troop Carrier Squadron got their photo taken at Butenfeld. In the ditch is F/O J. Curtis Goldman, author of the book “Silent Warrior”.

F/O Goldman and his pilot F/O Don Manke had landed their glider in the middle of  fighting.

Photo left: F/O Don Manke in front. This is the same location as the previous photo.

Photo right: F/O Don Manke o the left. Third from left is Clayton Dalrymple. Fourth from left is James Hall. In foreground is John Hurley.


The three war time photos come from the collection of  Lindsey Lewis who’s father flew as glider pilot with the 99th TCS.

Airborne Troop Carrier - Varsity