MACR # 13755;  Aircraft Model: C-47 A;  S/N# 42-93798;  Organization: Location-Airstrip B-92; Command or AAF/AF-1X TCC;  Group- 61st T CGp;  Squadron- 14th T C Sq;  Place of Departure- Chipping Ongar, Eng;  Intended Destination- Germany;  Type of Mission- Paratroop;   Date: 24 March 1945;  Time: 9:57;   Reason Aircraft was Lost: Enemy Anti-Aircraft;  Number of Persons Aboard Aircraft: Crew-5  Passengers-0  Total-5


List of Crew:

Pilot                    Cargill, Thomas C.      Major 0-789 680      MIA

Co-Pilot             Rothrock, John B.       2nd Lt. 0-769 560       MIA

Navigator           Tovey, George A.       Capt. 0-800 673         MIA

Crew Chief         St. John, Olen K.         T/Sgt. 38 013 526      MIA

Radio Operator   Straley, Earl K.           S/Sgt. 13 009 904      MIA



I was flying as Deputy Leader of the right wing of Major Cargill's ships no. 42-93798, Chalk No. 46, and after dropping our troops on the D Z, Major Cargill dropped the nose of this ship to pick up speed, he went, I imagine, about three fouths (3/4) of a mile, then went into about a 30 degree bank for a 180 degree turn for our return heading.  As he was rolling out a heading of about 220 degrees he was hit to the best of my knowledge in the left engine, or left side of cockpit the plane immediately left a trailing stream of smoke seemed to make a dive for the deck.  I, sensing his trouble, pulled up over him and to the left of him.  From that time on, my Co-Pilot saw the rest.  My Co-Pilot was Lt. Theodore Walker.


James E. Drake, Capt., Air Corps

Pilot, 14th Trp Carr Sq.


Major Cargill had just dropped his troops and nosed his ship down for the turn out of the area. When he completed his turn, his ship seemed to have been hit. Smoke started puffing from his left engine and from the roots of his left wing. The ship seemed to nose down even further, as if to be going down to hit the deck. At that time smoke seemed to come from the roof of the cockpit. When the plane was at about tree top level, a man and parachute came out. The parachute streamed out in the trees and was torn to shreds.

The left wing tip hit a house, driving the nose and engine into the ground. The plane skidded along the ground in flames. The tail came up and the fuselage snapped at the trailing edge of the wing and the tail and went crashing into the line of trees along the road.

Map of the given crash location. These maps were constructed with the testemonies of the witnesses. They usually give a rough indication of the crash site.

Three of the crew are buried next to each other at the Margraten Cemetery in Holland. Left to right are the graves of John Rothrock (P-3-1), Thomas Cargill  (P-3-3) and George Tovey (P-3-2).

Right: A publicity photo taken at the control tower at Barkston Heath shortly after Cargill took over command of the 14th Troop Carrier Squadron.

Airborne Troop Carrier - Thomas Cargill biogrphy 1