Other Troop Carrier books


Action of the Tiger – Frank Guild


A Journey to the far shore – Frank Guild


Into the Valley – Ch. Young


Green Light – Martin Wolfe


Valor without arms – Michael Ingrisano


Into fields of fire – George Collins


D-day +60 – Jerry McLaughlin


Little One and his guardian angel – Charles Bullard


Come fly with me – Barney Welton


Pulse and Repulse – Rex Shama


On Wings of Troop Carrier – Robert Callahan


32nd Troop Carrier Squadron – Donald VanReken


DZ-Europe – History of the 440th TCG


Airborne Troop Carrier Three-One-Five Group – William L. Brinson and the voices of the 315th Troop Carrier Group


Spanhoe’s September – George F. Cholewczynski


D-day and beyond – Julie M. Phend & Stanley E. Edwards Jr.


The ‘G’ is for Guts – S.W. Maynes


Those damned glider pilots – W.D. Knickerbocker


The glider gang – Milton Dank


An American Glider Pilot’s story – Gale R. Ammerman


Silent Ones - Charles Day


D-day gliders - Philippe Esvelin


Forgotten Wings - Philippe Esvelin



Other reading material


Operation Market Garden Then and Now – After the battle


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