February 2016

Their Story: george Theis 440th Troop Carrier glider pilot

Their Story: Elmer Lee Withmire, 438th TCG / 435th TCG power/glider pilot


November 2015  

  Updated the Market Roster. Approximately 8000 names of men who flew during that operation   

  Added a new page about the Machines and Gear   

Added a new page ‘Thier Story’ -  about the men who were with the Troop Carrier units   


September 2015

                                                                                              C-53#42-68835     72nd Troop Carrier Squadron    

 C-47 # 42-92847    87th Troop Carrier Squadron  

July 2015

Glider Markings during operation Varsity  


May/June 2015

435th Troop Carrier Group on D-day (3 pages)

   Surviving 47th Troop Carrier Squadron, 313th Troop Carrier Group C-47 # 42-32827

434th Troop Carrier Group C-47 crash - Chicago Mission  


April 2015   

   Sint Lidwina evaders, who is who??    305ht Troop Carrier Squadron glider pilot & 907th Glider Field Artillery  


March 2015

  President Franklin D. Roosevelt visits Troop Carrier base Sicily     


Februaruy 2015

Burp Gun Corner - finding the 435th Troop Carrier Group Command Post  



December 2014

   Accident at R-26, Bayreuth, 24 April 1944 - 74th Troop Carrier Squadron  


November 2014

    Premature glider landings in Operation Market Garden           



October 2014

C-47 42-92099 ‘Iron Ass” 75th TCS - 435th TCG    

     62nd Troop Carrier Squadron in Operation Varsity      

               New book: Battle of Burp Gun Corner      



August 2014

           C-47 # 42-32832    53rd Troop Carrier Squadron                                        

      C-47 # 42-100971  44th Troop Carrier Squadron                               

       Lift of the US 82nd Airborne Division in operation Market Garden              


June 2014

 Added link to Airborne Troop Carrier Facebook page     


March 2014

   Monument 5: Crash of C-47 43-15111 304th Troop Carrier Squadron    

Monument 6: Crash of C-47 43-15102 100th Troop Carrier Squadron


January 2014

Story of a glider that failed to reach the LZ in Holland - 437th Troop Carrier Group - 17 September 1944


November 2013            

 Boxers in the ETO                

C-47 # 42-100737  98th Troop Carrier Squadron


October 2013

                                Added (incomplete) Alphabetic Roster of Troop Carrier personnel who flew the Market Garden operation                          

                       Added story of presentation Bronze Star to Burp Gun Corner veteran                

                      Aditional info/pics of Webmaster    


July 2013                      

        Crash of Lt. Lewis’ C-47 42-100907  as told by George Mehling         


June 2013

 Added 3 pages related to the 27 December Bastogne glider mission  


May 2013             

    Mission Freeport - C-47 crash - 49th Troop Carrier Squadron       


March 2013  

German jet planes at a US Troop Carrier base - Melun - 436th TCG


Februari 2013     

  Added loading manifest 95th TCS surviving C-47      

C-47 # 42-100521  A 79th Troop Carrier Squadron plane survives                   

    Newspaper article Stars & Stripes       


November 2012

F/O James Larkin, 84th Troop Carrier Squadron, 437th TCG


September 2012

Troop Carrier monument at DZ/LZ Son, Holland             

Lift of the US 101st Airborne Division in operation Market Garden         


June 2012    

   Ted Malone interview with Glider Pilots of the 438th Troop Carrier Group after the Normandy invasion        

           The Flag Ship by Mr. Chalres Day. Glider No. 1 “Fighting Falcon”  434th Troop Carrier Group           


April 2012

 F/O Skidmore and his D-day experience - 91st Troop Carrier Squadron    


March 2012   

  Surviving C-46 # 44-77575 - 48th Troop Carrier Squadron   

C-47 crash / 442nd Troop Carrier Group / Lt. Prince      


January 2012   

48th Troop Carrier Squadron in the Rhine Mission - Operation Varsity - 24 March 1945   


November 2011   

   VE Day at Orleans - 440th Troop Carrier Group    


October 2011  

C-47 # 43-15679    90th Troop Carrier Squadron      

    Flights for the 1st Airborne Division   

Flight Routes for Operation Market Garden        17 -23 September 1944


August 2011  

Added name and corrected name in RoH Market Garden  

Glider landings near Grave - 23 September 1944 Then and Now    

Plane crash at Aldermaston - 73rd TCS - 13 December 1944  


June 2011     

    C-53 # 42-68710    62nd Troop Carrier Squadron

 C-47 # 43-15073    95th Troop Carrier Squadron

C-47 # 42-24064    74th Troop Carrier Squadron   

Corrected name in Normandy Roll of Honor      

   Surviving Troop Carrier planes     

  Added name to Roll of Honor Market Garden   


May 2011

 Added link for Battlefield tours   

    Crash of C-47 42-100863 - 99th Troop Carrier Squadron - 17 September 1944   

    306th Troop Carrier Group glider ditches in North Sea - 19 September 1944   

  Roll of Honor Ardennes   

  Changed Station number 61st TCG and 53rd TCS CO name   


April 2011  

 Biography of Major Thomas Cargill, CO 14th Troop Carrier Squadron, KIA 24 March 1945 - By Randy Lewis    

 Roll of Honor - Normandy Invasion    

Living Quarters      


March 2011    

 Flight Roster 15th Troop Carrier Squadron - 61st Troop Carrier Group    

 Flight Roster 59th Troop Carrier Squadron - 61st Troop Carrier Group     

 Glider crash at LZ-S - 437th Troop Carrier Group  

Roll of Honor - Operation Market Garden      

S.O.P. for Glider Operations  

 Most fatal crash in operation Market Garden     -   C-47 # 43-15180 50th TCS 18 September 1944              

 C-47 Markings   

 435th Troop Carrier Group in the Resupply Mission to the Bulge   

Formation for paratroop operations


February 2011

Troop Carrier Squadron Codes  

Two famous D-day photos of the 440th Troop Carrier Group: The Stories Behind Them  - by Randy Hills