Monument for victims of C-47 crash 304th Troop Carrier Sqiadron / 442nd Troop Carrier Group

Erp, Holland

17 September 1944
Lost in the Battle for our Liberation
Propellor of C-47 43-1511 “Sonya”, V4-O, from 304th Troop Carrier Squadron, 9th US Air Force.
Crashed on Sunday 17 September 1944 at the banks of the River Aa near Vogelzang,, Erp.
The plane had departed from Chilbolton base, England as part of Operation Market Garden and dropped paratroopers at Veghel.
The plane had dropped paratroopers of the 501st Parachite Infantry Regiment on DZ-A south of Veghel, as part of Serial A-8.
The two enlisted men were able to bail out. They were S/Sgt. Roger Gullixon and T/Sgt. Ralph Ziph.
The two pilots, 2nd Lt. Herbert Shulman and 2nd Lt. Omar Kampschmidt died in the crash.

In the 1956 study by Dr. John Warren, Airborne Operations in World War II, European Theatre (USAF Historical Studies No. 97) is a reference to this crash.
“Don’t worry about me”, the pilot of a burning plane told his flight leader. “I’m going to drop these troops in the DZ”. He kept his words and crashed immediately after the drop.
Airborne Troop Carrier - Holland