· 50th Troop Carrier Wing    Col. Julian M. Chappell

Station 463 Exeter  

o 439th Troop Carrier Group   Col. Charles H. Young

Station 482 Balderton

§ 91st Squadron (L4)   Maj. Howard U. Morton

§ 92nd Squadron (J8)   Maj. Cecil E. Petty

§ 93rd Squadron (3B)   Lt.-Col. Robert A. Barrere

§ 94th Squadron (D8)   Maj. Josef A. Beck


o 440th Troop Carrier Group   Lt.-Col. Frank X. Krebs

Station 488 Fulbeck

§ 95th Squadron (9X)   Lt.-Col. Irving G. Anderson

§ 96th Squadron (6Z)   Maj. William R. Cooper

§ 97th Squadron (W6)   Maj. Jack S. Southhard

§ 98th Squadron (8Y)   Lt.-Col. Bassome L. Neal

o 441st Troop Carrier Group    Col. Theodore G. Kershaw

Station 490 Langar

§ 99th Squadron (3J)   Lt.-Col. Walter T. Fletcher

§ 100th Squadron (6B)   Maj. James T. Cousin

§ 301st Squadron (Z4)   Maj. Lloyd G. Neblett

§ 302nd Squadron (2L)   Lt.-Col. Frederick Funston Jr.


o 442nd Troop Carrier Group    Col. Charles M. Smith

Station 404 Chilbolton

§ 303rd Squadron (J7)   Maj. Robert G. Whittington Jr.

§ 304th Squadron (V4)   Maj. Kenneth L. Glassburn

§ 305th Squadron (4J)   Maj. John A. Crandell

§ 306th Squadron (7H)   Lt.-Col. Royal S. Thompson


· 52nd Troop Carrier Wing     Brig.-Gen. Harold L. Clark

Station 489 Cottesmore


o 61st Troop Carrier Group    Col. Willis W. Mitchell

Station 483 Barkstone Heath

§ 14th Squadron (3I)   Maj. Lewis S. Frederick Jr.

§ 15th Squadron (Y9)   Lt.-Col. Lawrence C. McMurtry

§ 53rd Squadron (3A)   Lt.-Col. H.H. Betts           

Maj. Daytone E. Shermer

§ 59th Squadron (X5)   Lt.-Col. Marcus O. Owens Jr.


o 313th Troop Carrier Group   Col. James J. Roberts Jr.

Station 484 Folkingham

§ 29th Squadron (5X)   Lt.-Col. Qiunn M. Corley

§ 47th Squadron (N3)   Lt.-Col. Paul W. Stephens

§ 48th Squadron (Z7)   Maj. Edgar F. Stovall Jr.

§ 49th Squadron (H2)   Lt.-Col. Frank Lumsden


o 314th Troop Carrier Group   Col. Clayton Stiles

Station 538 Saltby

§ 32nd Squadron (S2)   Maj. Halan G. Wilson

§ 50th Squadron (2R)   Lt.-Col. Joseph H. McClure

§ 61st Squadron (Q9)   Lt.-Col. Campbell N. Smith

§ 62nd Squadron (E5)   Lt.-Col. Arthur E. Tappan


o 315th Troop Carrier Group   Col. Hamish McLelland

Station 493 Spanhoe

§ 34th Squadron (NM)   Lt.-Col. Donald G. Dekin

§ 43rd Squadron (UA)   Lt.-Col. Otto H. Peterson

§ 309th Squadron (M6)   Lt.-Col. Smylie C. Stark

§ 310th Squadron (4A)   Lt.-Col. Henry G. Hamby Jr.


o 316th Troop Carrier Group   Col. Harvey A. Berger

Station 489 Cottesmore

§ 36th Squadron (4C)   Maj. James R. Roberts

§ 37th Squadron (W7)   Maj. Leonard C. Fletcher

§ 44th Squadron (6E)   Maj. Benjamin F. Kendig

§ 45th Squadron (T3)   Maj. Mars Lewis



· 53rd Troop Carrier Wing    Col. Maurice M. Beach

Station 486 Greenham Common  

o 434th Troop Carrier Group   Col. William B. Whitacre

Station 467 Aldermaston

§ 71st Squadron (CJ)   Maj. Glenn E. Mann Jr.

§ 72nd Squadron (CU)   Maj. Frank W. Hansley

§ 73rd Squadron (CN)   Maj. Terry G. Hutton

§ 74th Squadron (ID)   Maj. Ralph L. Strean Jr.


o 435th Troop Carrier Group   Col. Frank J. MacNees

Station 474 Welford

§ 75th Squadron (SH/CK)   Maj.Lewis A. Curtis

§ 76th Squadron (CW)   Lt.-Col. Robert C. Lewis

§ 77th Squadron (IB)   Lt.-Col. Henry A. Osmer

§ 78th Squadron (CM)   Lt.-Col. Bertil E. Hanson


o 436st Troop Carrier Group    Col. Adriel N. Williams

Station 466 Membury

§ 79th Squadron (S6)   Lt.-Col. John D. Kreyssler

§ 80th Squadron (7D)   Lt.-Col. Clarence L. Schmid

§ 81st Squadron (U5)   Lt.-Col. David W. Brack

§ 82nd Squadron (3D)   Capt. Robert J. Johns


o 437th Troop Carrier Group    Col. Donald J. French

Station 469 Ramsbury

§ 83rd Squadron (T2)   Maj. John White.

§ 84th Squadron (Z8)   Maj. John M. Campbell

§ 85th Squadron (90)   Maj. Lester L. Ferguson

§ 86th Squadron (5K)   Lt.-Col. Ralph E. Lehr


o 438st Troop Carrier Group   Col. John M. Donaldson

Station 486 Greenham Common

§ 87th Squadron (3X)   Lt.-Col. David E. Daniel

§ 88th Squadron (M2)   Maj. Robert W. Gates

§ 89th Squadron (4U)   Lt.-Col. Clement G. Richardson  

§ 90th Squadron (Q7)   Maj. Harold I. Pawlowski


Troop Carrier Squadron Codes

The most important method in identifying a squadron that a C-47 belonged to, is by looking at the Squadron Code. The American IXth Troop Carrier Command planes

(C-47s and C-53s, later in war the C-46) had large two digit codes painted just behind the cockpit of the planes. The codes were usually painted in white or light grey and were about 30 to 48 inches.

Below is the Table of Organization for Ixth Troop Carrier Command as it was at the time of the Market Garden operation, September 1944.  

Airborne Troop Carrier - Miscellaneous

The 75th Troop Carrier Squadron is the only one that carried two different codes during the war. Before the Normandy invasion the code was SH. For reasons unknown the code changed some time before D-day. See images of the codes here.

A C-47 of the 74th TCS (434th TCG) identidied by the ID on the fuselage has landed somewhere in France. The locals pose for a photo with some crew members.

June 1944. Planes of the 90th Troop Carrier Squadron (Q7 squadron code) are ready for a flight. Taxi-lights on the wing tips are switched on.

“Wing Tip Willy” of the 96th TCS. This was C-47 # 42-93730. Stencils on the fuselage indicate that the plane participated in one para-drop and two glider tow missions.

This 301st TCS aircraft came from another squadron. The Z4 squadron code of the 301st is painted over a dark area. The old squadron code was painted over before the new Z4 code was applied.

A 61st Troop Carrier Squadron (Q9) C-47 in flight.

September 17, 1944. Cottesmore airfield.This was home for the 316th Troop Carrier Group. Planes are ready to carry elements of the 82nd Airborne Division to Holland.  The 6E code indicate a 44th TCS plane. This is C-47 # 43-15614., Chalk Number 2.. The plane was crewed by: Lt. Lee E. Ross (P), Lt. Herman H. Laabs (CP), Lt. Raymond C. McCormock (N), T/Sgt. Marvin E. Money (CC) and Sgt. Robert F. Derr (RO).