Tragedy at Reims - 90th Troop Carrier Squadron    

  Mysterious C-47 crash film  No 1.     

  Mysterious C-47 crash film No. 2.    

  Take off accident 80th TCS - 2 April 1945         

  Glider accident in D-day training / 434th TCG    

  Formation for paratroop operations       

  C-47 Markings          

  Living Quarters     

  Surviving Troop Carrier planes    

  Accident of C-47 # 42-92887  - 73rd TCS – 13 December 1944 – Aldermaston    

  Troop Carrier Squadron Codes  

  VE Day at Orleans - 440th Troop Carrier Group        

   German jet planes at a US Troop Carrier base - Melun - 436th TCG    

   Boxers in the ETO            

   C-47 42-92099 ‘Iron Ass” 75th TCS - 435th TCG

  Accident at R-26, Bayreuth, 24 April 1944 - 74th Troop Carrier Squadron             

  President Franklin D. Roosevelt visits Troop Carrier base Sicily   





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