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This website is dedicated to the men of the Troop Carrier outfits who played a major role in the airborne operations executed in europe 1944-1945.

Where there is a lot of information and attention to the airborne forces, the role of the Troop Carriers are some times overlooked. And information about the actions, achievements and experiences of the Troop Carrier men are less known.


The goal of this website is to provide more information about the Troop Carrier operations, the experiences of the men who flew those planes, the machines they operated.

On this website you’ll find stories of those. Stories of daily life during the war years or stories of battle.

As a Glider Pilot’s grand son stated, knowledge not shared is lost forever.


To navigate through the website is easy.

The is a menu for articles and there are articles located in some sub-menus:


Normandy             stories related to D-day June 1944

Holland                  stories related to Market Garden September 1944

Ardennes               stories related to the Battle of the Bulge December 1944

Varsity                   stories related to the Rhine mission March 1945

Miscellaneous        various stories

Books                   reading list for those interested in the Troop Cariers.


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