C-47 # 43-15073    95th Troop Carrier Squadron


This C-47 is standing today at Merville, France. It was saved from Bosnia in an operation that started in 2007.

This is probably the only C-47 with her own website:




The website tells about fidning the plane and the restoration.




Airborne Troop Carrier - Surviving Troop Carrier planes

September 1944. The crewmembers in front of ‘Snafu Special’. Left to right:

Joseph R. Buckner (Radio operator)

James P. Haper (Pilot)

Donald M. Smaltz (Co-pilot)

Lafette J. Nerren (Crew chief)

(Photo Lawler)

The loading manifest for the Holland pararop, 17 September 1944.
Beside the names of the paratroopers flown over with the plane, also the full crew list and the chalk number are located on these forms.