Consolidated C-109 tanker

After  the Normandy invasion, the Troop Carrier aircraft started to be put into freightliner service. It was another way to get supplies from England to the main land in Europe. Had the time before Normandy been filled with training, now most of the flying was done to the continent with supplies, and evacuating wounded. The next Airborne Troop Carrier role would be on the invasion of Southern France, followed by the Holland operation.
Between September 1944 and March 1945, no real Airborne operation was executed. Only resupplying the Bastogne enclave and a mission to Prüm were flown, both on short notice planning.

Most of the supplies flown in was gasoline. The Jerrycans were used for this purpose. A hastly desinged transport aircraft was the Consolidated C-87, which came from the design of the B-24 bomber. It had a higher altitude and range then the C-47. The Troop Carrier units in Europe got equiped with C-109 tankers. These could carry 2400 gallons of fuel in one flight.
Each Squadron received a C-109 airplane in the later months of 1944. Beside some accidents, not much is known about the use of these aircraft.
This C-109 came to its end on 12th of May 1945 fat Nivelles Advanced Landing Ground B-75. It is a 77th Troop Carrier Squadron / 435th Troop Carrier Group aircraft. (R. Freeman collection)
This photo shows a 45th Troop Carrier Squadron C-109 in front. In the back is a 15th Troop Carrier Squadron C-109 visible. (H. Den Brok collection)
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