Bronze Star given 68 years after battle
Major Robert Swenson received medal for Burp Gun Corner action
On August 10, 2013, Bellevue resident Major Robert Swenson, received the Bronze Star medal for taking part in the Burp Gun Corner battle. The medal was presented by Maj.-Gen. Kenneth Dahl.

Bob Swenson flew as Glider Pilot, with the rank of Flight Officer, on the Varsity operation. He was to land on LZ-S together with the other gliders of his unit. He flew with the 435th Troop Carrier Group. The Glider Pilots of the four Squadrons of the 435th TCG would turn into infantry men when they got out of the glider. Their Commanding Officer, Capt. Charles Gordon, had volunteered his group to support the 194th Glider Infantry Regiment as extra menpower. Their task was to set up roadblocks to protect the rear of the 194th GIR.

At night, German forces tried to escape the pocket between the Rhine River and the Airborne foces by attacking the roadblock manned by the 435th Glider Pilot Company.
The attack was repulsed. None of the Glider Pilots were wounded or killed during the night attack. The Germans suffered some losses and pulled back.

The Glider Pilots left the area the next evening, headed back over the Rhine and back to their airfields in France. Capt. Gordon received the Silver Star.
The other Glider Pilots were signed up for the Bronze Star. But the war ended and everyone rushed back to the States. The paperwork was lost and none of the Glider Pilots received their medal.  
In the mid 90’s, Charles Gordon picked up the job that had been waiting for so many years. The paper work got through and the only thing to be done was finding the Glider Pilots who participated in the Battle at Burp Gun Corner to present them the Bronze Star. A lot of the men were found, but not all.
Bob Swenson was one of those who slipped through the system and did not get his Bronze Star. This was discovered by Patricia Overman, who’s father flew on the same mission, and together with the Glider Pilot Association, where she fills in rank of Wing Commander, and the local authorities, it was made that Maj. Robert Swenson received his Bronze Star at the age of 90 years. This might be the last WW2 medal to be presented.

Congressman Smith, the Ranking officer on the House Armed Services Committee, recognized Major Swenson and his fellow glider pilots on the House floor, lauding the successful efforts made by the 435th Provisional Glide Pilot Combat Team.  

Link to newspaper article about the event:
F/O Robert Swenson in WW2. (B. Swenson via P. Overman)
Airborne Troop Carrier - Varsity