When the battle for the Arnhem bridges was lost, a legend was born. The brave battle fought by the British airborne troopers would over shadow all other parts of the Market Garden operation.

And as where the Arnhem part became famous, the story of the two American Airborne Divisions stayed largely unknown.

The Troop Carriers who brought all the paratropers, except for a small detachment of the British, and all US gliders to the battle zone, remained in the shadow of all Airborne Forces.


This book is the first to tell about the C-47 losses in the Market Garden operation. It will tell the stories of the men who flew with the C-47s, dropped paratroopers or towed gliders. Nearly 80 C-47s failed to get back to England and were lost over the Continent.

Many men evaded capture with the brave help of Belgian and Dutch civilians. Some payed the highest price for their help.

Over one-hundred crew members died.


This book is the result of the questions the author had. Where did a plane crash? What happened to the crew? Who were those men? Where did they stay?

Ten years of intensive research resulted in this book.


The book counts over 350 pages. There are about 380 photos, many of them never published before.


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Some reactions to the book:


Hello Hans,

I am happy to tell you that I received your book from Burg.  I have read it and I am very impressed with the excellent work you have done to put this book together.

I can see why it took you 10 years of research to find all the information.  The collection of pictures was very interesting to see.  It brought back many memories to me, as I was one of the lucky one to survive Market Garden.

My congratulations to you.  You have done a great service for the memory of the Troop Carrier part in the Market Garden Mission.

Thank you.

Julian A. Rice

Pilot, 37th Sqdn, 316th TCG


Dear Hans,
Congratulations on the completion of your book Wings of Freedom. I know how much hard work you have put into this over the years and honestly, I don’t know HOW you did it. It is such a complex subject and required volumes of research, I imagine. On behalf of the Nelson family, I want to thank you for bringing this important work to fruition. My father, 1st Lt. David W. Nelson, would be so moved, as we all are, that you gave so much of your time and never faltered in your quest to complete this work.
We have never met, but I do hope that one day we will. Until then, know that we are grateful and honored to have this connection with you.
With utmost respect and gratitude,
Deborah L. Gerome
daughter of 1st Lt. David W. Nelson who was a pilot in the 53rd Troop Carrier Squadron


Hi Hans,

Thank you for the email regarding your books publication! I immediately ordered/and received a copy! What a masterpiece of documentation!!!!! My father (Richard Stoltenberg) has enjoyed reading (and reading every page!).

Thanks, again, for the time your time and attention to details!

Shirley Johnson


My copies arrived today – Gave them a quick look, can’t wait to start reading.

Al Rhodes


Deze week het boek binnen gekregen en zeker een aanrader voor de Market Garden en Troop Carrier geïnteresseerden.


I've seen the proofreading version of this book and it is outstanding in my view.
Hans, a job well done buddy! Hope to receive my copy soon!
Tom P.


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Battle of Burp Gun Corner


New book published in 2014

Burp Gun CornerA small crossroad in Germany became one of the most special places in US military history. Besides media coverage of the battle in 1945, it had never grown over the ranks of the Troop Carrier Glider Pilots who participated in the battle. Being the first time of double tow in the European Theatre of Operations in combat, being the first time of a definite mission for glider pilots and being the one and only full officer combat organization in the field, the operation and actions must have a special place in history. At the end of the war a lot of men carried camera’s into battle. That enables us to have a historical view and to have a window to the past. With photos taken on recent visits to the same area, it is possible to see the changes.

The book has 91 pages and more then 140 photos. Beside that, the book has several diagrams and maps, and a full list of crews of the 435th Troop Carrier Group on this operation.



ISBN-13:978-0-9722903-2-6                                Publisher:   Walka Books


The book is available in the Silent Wings Museum gift shop call (806) 775-3049 to order your copy.

All book proceeds will go to the Silent Wings Museum.


For the European market,, please contact the webmester:  marketc47(AT)gmail com