I was born in the early 70s. My interest in these Troop Carriers started in the mid 80s. As teenager I got interested in World War 2 and read books. Being Dutch, operation Market Garden was not to be missed. My parents witness the air-armada when they were young kids.


Two books that I read in those days triggered my interest in the Troop Carriers. One was a Dutch book, entitled “Luchtbrug Market Garden”. The two authors used the US Missing Air Crew Reports for the US losses (Troop Carrier and fighters). Being the first book on this subject (Air Force part of Market Garden) the authors did a nice job. But the book was far from complete. Not all crew members of the C-47s were given. Nor all plane numbers, crash sites and fate of the crew members.

The other book was ” Action of the Tiger”, the written history of the 437th Troop Carrier Group. This book provided good information and stories from that group. It was written in a style that books were written in those days.


In the late 90s I started my own research to find the answers to the questions that I had. Where did those C-47s crass? What happened to the crew? The results will be available as a book.

The Troop Carriers did more then fly the Market Garden missions. This website will provide information and stories on these other operations flown by the Troop Carriers. It will provide information on other crashes and on life in England or France.

The goal of this website is to preserve the legacy of the men who saw action with the Troop Carrier units in the ETO.


I’m always eager to learn more, so if you have stories or photos, please share them.




Hans den Brok


Webmaster with Robert Bryan, 440th TCG veteran, at reunion 2009.

Glider pilot Tom Kilker looking at the Troop Carrier boards of the Remeber September 1944 Foundation exhibition at Son, September 2009.

The webmaster, as member of the Foundation, helped to get the Troop Carrier story told.

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The S. Tipton Randolph Award, For Outstanding Service in the Interested of the National World Wat II Glider Pilos Association.
Left: Presented to the webmaster in 2012. This was done by Tip Randolph’s son.
Right: Presnted to Patricia Overman. In the middle with her husband Bruce and on the right with the webmaster. Patricia and Bruce have been a great support in research . Words can not express the graditude to the both of them.