62nd Troop Carrier Squadron

Operation Varsity - 24 March 1945

The 62nd Troop Carrier Squadron led the 314th Troop Carrier Group in  Operation Varsity. These were the last gliders towed across the Rhine in the last airborne operation in Europe. This was Serial A21.

Twenty tow planes towed as many gliders. In the gliders flown by the 62nd Troop Carrier Squadron were men and equipment of:

- 224th Medical  Company (elements)

- 513th Parachute Infantry Regiment (elements/jeeps)


Take off was at 9.30 hours. The gliders started landing in the LZ-N area at 12.32 hours.

Three glider pilots were killed in action.

Capt. Emil M. Crozier

2nd Lt. Donald V. Peterson

F/O Landen K. Flaming


Four more glider pilots were wounded.

Three photos showing the line up of the 62nd Troop Carrier Squadron at Poix, France. The plane near the camera in  the photo above-left, is named “Witch Hazel’.


These photos, all from this page, come from the Roger Freeman collection, American Air Museum in Britain.

Take off from one of the tow planes. On the extreme right in the photo a small piece of the glider is visible. With tail letter R, is is (yet) unknown which plane this is, or who the crew was.

Major Bennett Y. Allen pictured before take-off talking with Col. James J. Roberts, CO of the 52nd Troop Carrier Wing.  

He landed approximattely in the middle of LZ-N. After landing, unloading jeep and personnel, he went to a house held by medics. From there he found his way to the assembly area and the 17th A/B Division CP near the lake in the woods.

The day after he moved further to the POW area and from there to the Rhine. Across the Rhine he moved to the airstrip at Helmond to catch a 32nd Troop Carrier Squadron plane back to France.

The glider in the back was piloed by Capt. Crozier, who was killed in action.

Airborne Troop Carrier - Varsity