C-47 42-32832  -  53rd Troop Carrier Squadron  -  61st Troop Carrier Group


The plane was built at Long Beach, CA in 1942 and delivered to U.S. Army Air Corp on February 11, 1943.


Assigned to the 53rd Troop Carrier Squadron it was flown via the Southern Route to North Africa where it participated in the very first US paratroop mission of WWII (Operation Husky) that took place on July 9, 1943. It flew the 2nd combat mission of Husky on July 11, 1943 where it was badly damaged. During that mission numerous C-47's were shot down, most by friendly fire.


It went on to fly the invasion of Italy (Avalanche). It's 4th combat mission was the invasion of France (D-Day / Operation Overlord) where it carried 18 paratroopers from the 507th. The plane had chalk number 41 in the 25th Serial. The crew on that mission was:

1st Lt. Donald E. King (P)

2nd Lt. James Timmins (CP)

T/Sgt. Robert D. Decker (CC)

S/Sgt. Paul H. Stone (RO)


It went on to fly three combat missions during the invasion of Holland (Operation Market Garden) which included;

Droping paratroopers of the British 1st Airborne Division at DZ-X on the opening day  of the operation, 17 September 1944

Towing a glider on 18 September 1944 to LZ-T.

Dropping resupplies at DZ-O on 19 September 1944.


It went on to fly the very last paratroop mission of WWII into Germany , operation Varsity, 24 March 1945

. It flew hundreds of supply and hospital missions in-between the eight "behind the lines" combat missions.

Today the plane is owned and flown by Mr. Scott Glover, seen here in the cockpit.

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