435th Troop Carrier Group during D-day
The idea for this part of my website came out from some of the materials I had received over the years. Most was received during the research into the Battle of Burp Gun Corner (see book pages of this website). The stories nd information on these pages are details of what happened to the Group. Some parts will look similar for each Squadron and for other members
Part 1: 75th Troop Carrier Squadron on paratroop mission on D-day

By the begining oh June 1944, the men of the squadron had a number of training flights and it was clear something was going to happen. On the 2nd day of the month, the pilots, co-pilot and navigators were briefed for the coming mission. Then the men came into the restricted area.

The 75th Troop Carrier Squadron furnished 12 planes for the serial of the 435th Troop Carrier Group, Serial 13. And they would make out chalk number 28 through 39 in the Serial. .
The 75th had the following planes and men on this mission:

Chalk number 28            C-47#  43-15618
Capt. Lewis A. Curtis (P)
1st Lt. Hubert J. Charon (CP)
1st Lt. Edward R. Donney (N)
T/Sgt. Woodrow P. McFarland (CC)
S/Sgt. George R. James (RO)

Chalk number 29            C-47#  42-92094
Capt. Melvin Cox (P)
2nd Lt. Byron Graham Jr. (CP)
2nd Lt. Warren H. Castle (N)
T/Sgt. Harold Carson (CC)
S/Sgt. Walter G. Schad (RO)

Chalk number 30            C-47#  42-92097
1st Lt. Clint V. Murdock (P)
2nd Lt. Gerald D. McCoy (CP)
F/O Kenneth J. Nolan (N)
T/Sgt. Josepg G. Piskuric (CC)
S/Sgt. William Smith Jr. (RO)
Chalk number 31             C-47#  42-92093
Capt. Paul W. Dahl (P)
2nd Lt. George A. Conklin (CP)
1st Lt. Zeno H. Rose (N)
T/Sgt. George T. Gazarian (CC)
S/Sgt. David Lifschutz (RO)

Chalk number 32           C-47# 42-92098
1st Lt. Roy E. Alderman (P)
2nd Lt. Benjamin H. J. Goodman (CP)
T/Sgt. Michael R. Walt (CC)
S/Sgt. Clyde W. Ross (RO)

Chalk number 33         C-47# 42-24042
1st Lt. R. G. Ellliott (P)
2nd Lt. Raymond C. Harrington (CP)
S/Sgt. James Nelson (CC)
Sgt. William Ackerman (RO)
Chalk number 34            C-47# 42-92092
Capt. Edgar A. Smith (P)
2nd Lt. Romie Alexoff (CP)
2nd Lt. William  Boyd (N)
T’Sgt. Jesse Colbert (CC)
S/Sgt. Merritt S. Thompson (RO)

Chalk number 35           C-47# 42-92071
1st Lt. Edward W. Frome (P)
2nd Lt. Clarence A. D’Aigle (CP)
T/Sgt. Dennis T. O’Connor Jr. (CC)
S/Sgt. Harold E. Harris (RO)

Chalk number 36           C-47# 42-100879
1st Lt. Marcellus F. Bussman (P)
F/O Robert J. Petrillo (CP)
Sgt. Hans A. Brunisholz (CC)
Sgt. Frank S. Austin Jr. (RO)
Chalk number 37            C-47# 43-30735
Capt. Seymour Malakoff (P)
2nd Lt. Thomas A. Tucker (CP)
1st Lt. Eugene E. Gaul (N)
Sgt. Paul Jacoway (CC)
S/Sgt. Robert Walsh (RO)

Chalk number 38            C-47# 42-100675
1st Lt. Charles P. Kearns (P)
2nd Lt. Goerge Zukowski (CP)
T/Sgt. Robert C. Richards (CC)
S/Sgt. Anthony C. Smardzewski (RO)

Chalk number 39           C-47# 42-92099
1st Lt. Edgard Albers Jr. (P)
2nd Lt. Charles F. Bryan Jr. (CP)
1st Lt. Ralph S. Gorton (N)
T/Sgt. Edward Baldwin (CC)
S/Sgt. Joseph E. Jablonsky (RO)
Airborne Troop Carrier - Normandy
435th Troop Carrier Group on D-day
Capt. Curtis arrived over the DZ at 0132 hours. The other flights did not arrive over the DZ in formation as when they approached landfall and going from west to east over the peninsula they ran thru overcast which seperated some of the airplanes from the formation. However, all of the planes dropped their men.
One of the airplanes failed to return. That was C-47# 43-30735 piloted by Capt. Malakoff.
A few days before the mission took off, the black and white invasion stripes are painted on the C-47s of the 75th Troop Carrier Squadron. (H. den Brok)
Airborne troopers of the 101st Airborne Division prepare for their flight to Normandy. The plane in the back is 42-92099, one of the 75th Troop Carrier Squadron planes. (H. den Brok)
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